Saturday , 11 August 2018


Bookmarks are essential items for people who are into reading and book lovers. The bookmarks can be made interesting by deviating from the conventional bookmarks and using crochet bookmarks which are beautiful and available in various fabulous designs.


Let’s have a look at the various crochet bookmarks.

Crochet cross pattern bookmark, Shelled crochet bookmark, Blue Bell flower designed crochet bookmark, Cupcake designed crochet bookmark, Crocheted corner bookmark, Crocheted bookmark designed as a bug on a leaf, Teapot bookmark pattern, Crocheted trellis bookmark, Christmas tree crochet bookmark, Little Lilly crocheted bookmark and Hook a fish crocheted bookmark.

Some other patterns of crochet bookmarks are: Dainty Daisy bookmark, Angel bookmark, Sunflower bookmark, four leaf clover bookmark, lace bookmark, Teddy bookmark, Classic granny bookmark, Cactus bookmark, Pineapple book mark, Dolce and Gabbana collection lace pattern bookmark, Starflower bookmark, Kipas or fan bookmark, Mini fish Applique bookmark, Sweetheart bookmark, Pressed flower bookmark, Tasseled bookmark, Cathedral window bookmark, Oval bookmark, Picot bookmark, Cross stitch bookmark, Easter bookmark, Heart bookmark, Hollow Cross bookmark, Judy’s Picot Cross bookmark, Prayer flower bookmark, Row count two colour bookmark, Ribbon and Mesh bookmark, Thread bookmark, Christmas Santa bookmark, Car on the road crochet bookmark, Checkerboard thread bookmark, Ghost bookmark, Snowflake bookmark, Smiling bookmark, Red chili bookmark, beaded bookmark, Bookworm bookmarks, Tie shaped bookmark, Birdie bookmark, Lace crochet bookmark and Altered Filet bookmark.

There are many more funny and creative crochet bookmarks available in the market which are suitable for children of all age groups as well as adults.