Monday , 11 February 2019
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Men and long hairstyles: the way forward

Men and long hairstyles: the way forward

Gone are the days that men were famous for being skinheads and even a jail bird look. The days of guys with the 60’s boy band look is just average. These days men are looking at growing their hair longer and maintaining them with style. Since the last few years people are looking at straight hair even in men. This is no more about punk and long hair styles are about classy. You can see men like Jared Leto are carrying facial hair and long hair in a combined package to look sexy and hot. Then you have the whole list of men from the series Vikings who are blessed with long hair and they do look very manly when fighting off the enemies and killing people. This is why men’s long hair styles are in fashion now more than ever.

Let it be Natural

The key to keeping a long hair style is to make sure that the hair is kept natural. However that doesn’t mean that you need to look like a caveman. Consult a good stylist and make sure you get the long hair trimmed every few days. Apart from this you should also make sure that the stylist recommends some of the best hair styling equipment to make sure that the hair is kept maintained. Make sure never to go for over the top looks or color. Keep it natural and never let the hair get longer than shoulder length. Anything longer than that would be hard to maintain and wouldn’t look that great in a formal environment. No one would want to work with someone who needs more time maintaining their hair than doing their job.

Men’s long hair style and shape of face

Let us look at some of the most important aspects that one would need to look at when getting the perfect men’s long hair style. Make sure that you keep the shape of your face into consideration. The hair can be long however layered to suit your face. Some can keep long hair and keep it styled with a gel to make it look sleeker. Doesn’t matter how you want to keep the long hair, just make sure that you ensure that it suits the shape of your face.

The Viking style

With the series of Vikings becoming a huge success, the most important thing that we can see these days is men who like to carry long hair and also facial hair. This may seem very good on the show, however if not groomed well it would just look very tacky for an everyday look. Unless and until you have a job that requires you to be scary, do not carry off this look. Keep either the beard or the hair and not both.