Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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Crochet butterfly designs look very beautiful and many crocheted butterfly designs can be found in the market and can be made at home as well. In order to crochet a butterfly at home certain methods are present which need to be followed.


The yarn is attached to the hook using a slipknot and then six chain stitches are made followed by slip stitching the last stitch of the chain to the first in order tocrochet butterfly crochet: butterfly | bella coco - a circle. After that chain stitching three times and working two double crochets into the center of the round is done. Three double crochets are now worked into the center of the round followed by another chain stitch. Pattern is repeated six times. When this is done we get eight sets of three consecutive double crochets. Slip stitching into the third chain stitch of the previous chain-three set is now done. A slip stitch is worked into the first chain-one crochet butterfly how to crochet a butterfly CQOULJU the first chain-one space followed by chain two. Two double crochets are worked into the same chain one space. Three double crochets are made into the same space.

A set of three double crochets, one chain and three additional double crochets are made into every one of the seven chain-one spaces. After this slip stitching of the last loop into the second chain into the second chain of chain-two is done.

A slip stitch is now worked into the firstcrochet butterfly pin or magnet free pattern PHPDPQMchain one space of the previous round and then two chain stitches are worked. Now seven double crochets are worked into the same chain-one space followed by single crochet in the stitch present between the two chain-one spaces. Eight double crochets are worked into every chain-one space and one single crochet is worked in between each double crochet set. At the end of this round slip stitching into the second chain of the round s initial chain-two.

The yarn isfree crochet butterfly pattern http://re-madebysam.com/butterfly- EIAOXIGis cut which leaves a tail of four inches. The tail is pulled through the loop on the hook to knot off the yarn. The circle is folded in half while ensuring that the ruffle from the top half lines with the ruffle from the lower half. The tail of the yarn is attached to the crochet needle and the center of this circle is sewn until the inner circle at the fold is reached. The remaining steps include creating15 free crochet butterfly patterns YQNXQGTcreating the antennae and weaving the ends to create a crochet butterfly.