Sunday , 15 July 2018


Knitting your own cushions can be a rewarding activity. A lot is accomplished when you acquire knitting skills, which include personalizing many of our home items at a lower cost. Making your own knitted cushions is one great way of completing your home décor project. The knitted cushions can also fit well into almost any type of furniture. Here are a few tips on what you should know before embarking on the knitting project.

Choose Materials Wisely

There are many different types of yarn materials to be used for making knitted cushions. Yarn material can come from wool, cotton, or a mixture of other materials. The type of material you choose will determine how long the cushions will last, how well they will hold their shape after washing, since different yarn shrink at different degrees after washing, as well as how you will care for the cushion; whether you will need to use warm water or other detergents to clean the cushion.

Choose colors wisely

This will of course depend on your home décor colors. Ideally, the color of your knitted cushion should complement that of your couch or other items around the area where the cushions will be used. A vintage looking living room, for example, will work well with multi colored cushions, while contemporary living rooms will do well with plain colored cushions.

Choose Cushion Insert Wisely

Go for cushion insert that you choose should properly fit into your knitted cushion. You can avoid making mistakes by first getting the cushion insert then knitting the cushion using the right measurements of the insert.